When you’re one of the UK’s leading Bollywood Experts you’re pretty experienced in romance. A filmi fanatic since he was a child, Pablo is best-known for his on-air and on-screen partnership with Raj. They interview all the biggest movie stars and bring you hottest Botown gossip every Saturday morning on The Raj & Pablo Show on the BBC Asian Network, but after years of watching weddings on the big screen, Pablo’s own dreams finally came true after a whirlwind romance with school teacher Stephen, who he met in Delhi, where Stephen was teaching. Pablo recalls:

‘I knew I wanted to marry him when he came to my house in London during Diwali, we talked about getting married early on.’ Stephen continues: ‘I knew I wanted to marry Pablo when I realised he is the sexiest man on the planet. A bit arrogant, but, pretty damn sexy! We knew we wanted to get married but I told Pablo that he had to propose to me, since he’s older.’